My name is Robin Woestenburg-Slotman, and I am the owner of “Offshore-Freelancing”.
During my career at sea I have been often accused of being something of a “job-hopper” and with good reason I must admit.
I always found it a real pleasure to be given the opportunity to sail on a variety of ships doing different phases of all sorts of projects. This experience has enabled me to become very knowledgeable in all aspects of the maritime industry.
During my ten years at sea I have met countless people and worked for various agencies, and more and more people would ask me if I knew somebody who was available for a certain period of time, or a colleague would ask me if I knew of a reliable company that was looking for personnel.
Together with my coworkers who are all familiar with the ins and outs of the offshore sector we attempt to gain a reputation of reliability within the offshore mediation market.
To mediate between employees and companies is an interesting and challenging occupation. Challenging because it is our business to let all parties involved benefit from the deals made, and in doing so, be as careful and transparent as possible, because we’re dealing with people, not numbers.
If you feel that “Offshore-Freelancing” could be of assistance, please feel free to contact us by phone or the contact form on this website.
Hope to see you soon at “Offshore-Freelancing”!!